About Us

Our Philosophy

Simple Education Foundation (SEF) is a not-for-profit organization based out of Delhi. It was founded in 2013, with this belief that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of their social and economic backgrounds. Our core philosophy is that every child should have an equal learning opportunity, and that should not be determined by where they are born. Given that over 65% of children in India are still going to government schools, we work to design & implement holistic school transformation programs that aim to strengthen government schools from within.
Our Vision Is To Empower All Our Children To Build A Better Tomorrow.

Theory Of Change

Our Mission Is To Transform Teaching & Learning Practices Inside India’s Government Schools.

Currently we do this by implementing a 'Whole School Transformation' model, that is designed to empower key stakeholders to lead the change they envision for their school communities. Our theory of change is rooted in the belief of being continuous learners and fostering the spirit of growth and ownership. The sustainability of our work is built on this theory that the stakeholders will ultimately take charge of the quality of learning and teaching within their schools. We believe that if we continue to work directly with low-income school communities in diverse landscapes and understand their challenges and needs, we can successfully design transformation models that will make quality learning more relevant for their ecosystem.

We're a growing collective of school leaders, educators, researchers, curriculum designers, communicators and community specialists. We come from diverse professional backgrounds and learning experiences, and our passion to empower every child with the power of quality education inspires us to work together as a team.

Angela Mathew (She/Her)

Design Lead, State Program, Delhi

Anjali Negi

Associate, Shashakt Prathmik, Centres of Excellence, Tehri Garhwal

Anshu Arora (She/Her)

Head of Teacher Development, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Apoorva Bhatia

Manager, State Program, Delhi

Astha Rayal (She/Her)

Lead, Pathshala Learning Centre

Binsy Eapen

Associate, Teacher Development, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Chandni Chopra (She/Her)

Chief Program Officer

Ganesh Singh (He/Him)

Associate, Community Engagement , Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Geetika Arora

Senior Manager, Design, State Program, Delhi

Jyotirmaya Senapati

Head of Community Engagement, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Mainak Roy (He/Him)

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mohan Jha (He/Him)

Manager, Finance and Administration

Pranav Arwari (He/They)

Manager, Program and Government Partnerships

Pratyay Malakar (She/They)

Senior Associate, State Program, Delhi

Pravina Thapa

Consultant, Student Learning, Centres of Excellence, Delhi.

Prerna Kalra (She/Her)

Program Head, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Rahul Bhanot

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Sagar Ahuja

Associate,Teacher Development, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Saloni Senapaty (She/Her)

Associate, Principal Development, Centers of Excellence, Delhi

Sanya Kullar

Manager, Fundraising

Shadab Siddiqui

Senior Associate, Learning and Insight

Shahanaz Afruza (She/Her)

Senior Associate, Training and Design, State Program, Delhi

Sheelam Mahar (She/Her)

Assistant, Community and Administration, Centres of Excellence, Tehri Garhwal

Shinjinee Pal (She/Her)

Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation, State Program, Delhi

Shivam Dixit (He/Him)

Community Engagement Officer, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Shruti Mushran (She/Her)

Head of Principal Development, Centres of Excellence, Delhi

Shrutika Silswal (She/Her)

Program Head, Centres of Excellence, Tehri Garhwal

Srinidhi Lakshmanan (She/Her)

Design Lead, Centres of Excellence

Srishti Chauhan (She/Her)

Lead, Sashakt Prathmik, Centres of Excellence, Tehri Garhwal

Trisha Sharma (She/Her)

Manager, People and Culture

Vaibhav Misra

Associate, Monitoring and Evaluation, State Program, Delhi

Vidhi Bhardwaj (she/her)

Manager, Communications

We believe as a social startup, having an unbiased, diverse and experienced Board of Directors is imperative for our efficiency, impact and sustainability. Our Founding Board members act as our guides, critics, advisors and gatekeepers, as we build an impactful organization that stays on the path of fulfilling its mission.

Chetan Mehra

Managing Director

Bank of Singapore

Rahul Bhanot

Chief Operating Officer

Simple Education Foundation

Rohit Tandan

Founder & CEO

Prajna India

Sujata Bharadwaj

Associate Professor

University of Delhi

We believe in the power of collaboration and have forged long term meaningful partnerships that have strengthened our work in building sustainable pathways to holistic learning opportunities across all our Simple Schools. We're grateful to all our partners for their continued support and belief in our vision and mission.


We are seeking funding partners and donors who share our vision for education equity in India and are able to support us in our mission to build sustainable pathways to quality education for children studying in underserved public school communities in India. We share the value of forging long lasting and meaningful equations with all our supporters, and look forward to building a strong collective of people who want to make a difference, through philanthropy and social giving.

If you wish to strengthen our work with financial support, go to our Donate page and make an online contribution into the SEF account. All donations qualify for a tax exemption receipt from our end.

If you’re keen to support our projects through in-kind donations or through peer fundraising, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]