In July 2016, we started our first rural project in the state of Uttarakhand. We christened this program as ‘Pathshala’. A fortunate partnership with Forest Essentials (Mountain Valley Springs India Private Limited) led us to a group of 13 villages in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. We started our journey with a school transformation program, in the Senior Secondary School rooted in our belief in the potential of Government Schools. Keeping in mind the needs of the entire school, we designed a multi-tier intervention strategy to work directly inside classrooms with the students, strengthen school support, and build meaningful engagement opportunities between the community and the school, to increase their ownership in it’s transformation. However, in 2020 this program transitioned to a humble Pathshala Learning Center inside the village, bridging learning gaps of to children of all ages and working closely with the community to shift mindsets towards learning. Currently, we run two initiatives in the center serving our children:
  1. Rural Opportunities and Pathways to Excellence | This is a 3-course mixed grade learning cycle designed to offer children a holistic English learning experience.
  2. Rural Youth Tribe | This is a student internship program rooted in our aspiration for the community to be able to lead learning initiatives in the center. Student alumni from the Center join us as interns and build skills of classroom facilitation, administration and communication etc. which will enable them to take ownership of the Center in the future.


We are seeking funding partners and donors who share our vision for education equity in India and are able to support us in our mission to build sustainable pathways to quality education for children studying in underserved public school communities in India. We share the value of forging long lasting and meaningful equations with all our supporters, and look forward to building a strong collective of people who want to make a difference, through philanthropy and social giving.

If you wish to strengthen our work with financial support, go to our Donate page and make an online contribution into the SEF account. All donations qualify for a tax exemption receipt from our end.

If you’re keen to support our projects through in-kind donations or through peer fundraising, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]