Work With Us

Who are we?

We’re a collective of individuals coming from diverse backgrounds who are committed to strengthening the movement of education equity in India. With a common belief in the public education system our team strives to make access to high-quality learning a reality for all children in India. We're always on the lookout to expand our collective and are seeking passionate individuals who share our philosophy and vision of transforming access to quality education for all children, everywhere.

Our values

At SEF, we are grounded in three core values:

Sense of Possibility | We believe you can do it, and together we can keep trying. Let's operate with a two-way trust: your trust in the mission and our trust in you to lead the mission.

Excellence | Due to the critical nature of work we expect excellence however you are not alone in this pursuit. There will always be solid support structures around you to ensure you can do your best.

Family | Bringing change hinges on a collective of supportive people. This is a space where you can collaborate, learn and grow with the help of supportive family members.

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We are seeking funding partners and donors who share our vision for education equity in India and are able to support us in our mission to build sustainable pathways to quality education for children studying in underserved public school communities in India. We share the value of forging long lasting and meaningful equations with all our supporters, and look forward to building a strong collective of people who want to make a difference, through philanthropy and social giving.

If you wish to strengthen our work with financial support, go to our Donate page and make an online contribution into the SEF account. All donations qualify for a tax exemption receipt from our end.

If you’re keen to support our projects through in-kind donations or through peer fundraising, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]